Durga Saptashati Path



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Note:- Puja does not include Prasad. If you need Prasad then please contact us. Extra charges will be applicable as per the quantity.

Location :- Services are available in Delhi/NCR and Lucknow. We also conduct online Puja(puja conducted through video chat) for all other locations

Durga Saptashati Path

About Durga Saptashati path:

Durga Saptashati has attained its independent status and identity due to miraculous results obtained by reciting the compendium. Devotees of Goddess Durga, mainly in Navaratri, and at other times also, recite whole Durga Saptashati to attain some specific objective, and also without any motive, just to get blessings of Goddess.

Benefits of Durga Saptashati Path:

Durga Saptashati path should be done if one wants to get achievements in the pure materialistic fields, e.g. wealth, property, estates, prosperity, resources, family happiness, success in business, luxuries etc. and If you want to excel in the fields related to education, research, knowledge, examinations, religion, spirituality, writing, publication, etc and If someone wants to go ahead in the areas, where pure physical efforts are involved or where conflict like situations are present, like war, confrontation, struggle, sports, security, competitions, confrontations etc.,

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