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Note:- Puja does not include Prasad. If you need Prasad then please contact us. Extra charges will be applicable as per the quantity.

Location :- Services are available in Delhi/NCR and Lucknow. We also conduct online Puja(puja conducted through video chat) for all other locations

Nakshatra Puja

About Nakshatra Puja:

Nakshatras are the phases of the moon's yearly revolution in its orbit. Each Nakshatra is denoted by a star or a group of stars. There are 27 Nakshatras in total. Depending on which Zodiac sign we are born under and the time of our birth, we fall under the influence of different Nakshatras.

Our lives are affected significantly due to the Nakshatras we're born under. All aspects of our life can benefit if our Nakshatras favor us. But if someone is suffering from problems due to the influence of a negative Nakshatra, Nakshatra Puja can help them reduce its ill effects.

Benefits of doing this Puja:

  • Reduces negative effects of Nakshatra
  • Gain the good effects of Nakshatra
  • Increases confidence and courage to face life?s difficulties.
  • Removes all Doshas
  • Overall improvement in quality of life.

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