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Mundan Puja


Mundan is a purification act that is performed in order to ensure that the baby is cleansed of all the undesirable elements of passing through all the earlier births. It is a gesture to purify the soul from the previous Yonis. From another aspect, the Mundan is important in the life of the baby as it is believed that the aspect of intelligence commences from the earliest days of life on this earth. 

Why Mundan is done?

The Mundan ceremony is performed because of a belief that the hairs that the baby is born with, actually carries the undesired traits of the past life. The first hairs on the body of the baby is thus considered as impure and is the negative impact of the past lives on the future or the current life. So, it is considered as necessary that they are shaved off in order to purify his soul and ensure the well-being of the baby. Some people also believe that Mundan lowers the temperature of the baby thereby making him calm apart from enhancing the blood circulation in his system.

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